The internet was abuzz with rumors and speculation about what would be happening to Tap and Screw Brewery when they announced that not only would they be closing their taproom, but they’d be doing it immediately back in February.  It didn’t matter that they promised their fans that not only was the Brewpub that they’re planning for Oakley still in the works, but that they were also planning a production facility for the Madisonville neighborhood.

People still like to talk, you know.

I imagine that a lot of those people are a little confused now with the news that the brand new Tap and Screw Madisonville production facility has quietly opened their doors, and have planned a Grand Opening celebration for this week.  It’s a confusion that is rooted in rumors, or speculation, or just in people who like to loudly tell you their opinions about places, though.  The brewery is ready to fire it up big time with their reopening.


The Expansion, The Vision

They’ve been working to get their new brewpub in Oakley opened up for what seems like forever.  They’re teaming up with Brew River Gastropub to open a space right in Oakley Square, just down the street from MadTree’s new ‘2.0’ location. It’s hard enough to create something that  is fitting for a craft beer scene here in Cincinnati that is home to some fantastic breweries, but a space that belongs in a neighborhood that knows their nightlife, and their drinking establishments pretty well.  Tap and Screw is going all out to make sure that they fit in on both sides of the coin.

But they aren’t settling at just a brewpub – they want to kick their distribution game up a notch as well, which brings us to the good part of their announcement back in February – they would be opening up a production facility in Madisonville as well.

The rumors have been strong since then… I have heard over and over from people who I trust that Tap and Screw would “never open their doors again” that they had all kinds of issues that would prevent them from ever having a brewery here in Cincinnati.  It looks like once again, persistence and determination has proved the naysayers wrong, and Tap and Screw lives to brew again!.

They quietly opened their doors last month, and are now ready to celebrate the opening of their Madisonville location.

The Celebration

The brewery is ready to show off what they’ve done with their space off Red Bank road.  They’re opening their doors on July 6th from 3pm-11pm and having their official Grand Opening celebration.

You’ll be able to take tours of the brewery, have some food from Brew River Gastropub (maybe a sneak peak of what we’ll get when the brewpub in Oakley opens their door?) and of course sample the beer that is already on tap.

Use this event, and this brewery to show your support for this community!  This opening represents a lot for what Tap and Screw has the ability to become.  They weren’t happy with their old location, and the chance to be a bigger part in Cincinnati’s rapidly growing craft beer community is one that I welcome them to jump on.

I can’t wait to see what they do this year!

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