Brewery – Christian Moerlein
Beer – Mexican Style Lime Lager
Style – Fruited Lager
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 12

Moerlein Mexican Lime Lager is a crisp golden lager brewed with lime and sea salt for a south of the border twist. A fiesta of fascinating flavors, featuring notes of lemon-lime and a slight acidity up front is washed away with a wave of fresh lime zest, finishing dry, leaving you ready for another sip, or two, or cinco.

Sometimes, the weather heats up, you break a little bit of a sweat, and you just start looking around for something crisp, refreshing and easy drinking.  Moerlein had those exact moments in mind when they came up with the idea for Mexican Style Lime Lager.  They put it on tap, and quickly realized that it was going to be popular as people started drinking it all up.

The decision to put this into cans was one that I appreciate very much – I know that all around Cincinnati it must have found it’s way into the same place it did in my house… the cooler next to the pool.

My Thoughts On Moerlein’s Mexican Style Lime Lager

When you look at this in the glass, it asserts its ‘lightness’ right up front.  It’s golden yellow and very clear.

The aroma is full-on lime.  There isn’t much room in the nose for much else… and it doesn’t need much else for that matter.

The flavor hits your palate first with the bright punch of the lime that you could smell, but then finishes up with a light crackery note.

I can’t emphasize the refreshing quality of this beer.  It goes down really easy, and finishes nice and clean.  I have this back with a delicious Mexican dinner and can promise you that the spicier your food is, the better this beer tastes too.

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