I’m not sure if you’ve seen this floating around online yet, but I’m in love with the idea of this project, and ever since the creator, Kyle Meiser, first reached out to me during her research phase – I’ve been following along closely to see it come to life.

I was curious about the story behind the artwork, and wanted to dig in a little bit deeper to share it with all of you.

The Story Behind The Art

Photo Courtesy of Kylie Meiser

It’s one thing to just create beautiful artwork that people are happy to hang on their walls.  Not that it’s an easy task, but to take it to the next level and have that artwork also be interactive and useful is an impressive.  It’s the driving force behind the work that Kylie loves to do, though.  She has been toying with ideas constantly since she graduated from NKY with a Visual Communications degree last fall, and I think she nailed this one right on the head.

According to her, the whole story sort of started when she was a kid growing up in Louisville and would visit Cincinnati – there was a draw to this city that left her with a feeling that she would just always end up here somehow.  It influenced her to the point of choosing a school that was close by, and her remaining here after graduation.  While working at a small bar in Covington she started seeing local beers coming and going – more and more of them.  The desire to know how many breweries there were, and to track which ones she had been to started to make all the gears click together.

She also works in a printing studio – called Pistachio Press which gives her the means to express the creative ideas that pop up, and when this one started to come to life it just made sense – much to the benefit of all of us!

I asked her what it was that made the craft beer community so special, and worthy of her time in a project like this and I loved her answer.  She said that what draws her into it is how each brewery has their own theme and ideation for their beer.  Even with all the creativity and identity wrapped in to each place, as the beer scene grows and expands you can see it all being tied together with the underlying idea of ‘Local’.

Where Can You Get One?

Make sure you hit up website and hit the shop link for the easiest way to snag one of these for your wall.  She’s also a fantastic photographer, so it wouldn’t hurt for you to check out her work on her website as well!


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