Brewery – Christian Moerlein/ Maisel and Friends
Beer – Spacetime
Style – Hoppy Wheat Ale
ABV – 5.7%
IBUs – 29

Transcend time and space with a Christian Moerlein and Maisel & Friends collaboration, Spacetime Hoppy Wheat Ale.  The legacy of Cincinnati Beer Baron Christian Moerlein is celebrated from 19th century beginnings as a brewer in Germany to this 21st century collaboration brew.  The brewing teams of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and Maisel & Friends of Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany bring you this hoppy wheat ale using American varietal hops with tropical aromas and German malts, creating the ultimate German hopfen weisse and celebrating our craft brewing legacy of today.

What a fun collaboration Spacetime is.  This hoppy wheat beer is so much more than you might think it is on the surface.  The beer is a liquid representation of everything that Christian Moerlein is here in Cincinnati.  The beer (and Christian Moerlein for that matter) is a delicate balance of the old, the traditional brewing heritage here in Cincinnati, alongside the modern craft beer ideas that make this city’s brewing community hum along currently.

Maisel and Friends is a German craft brewery that is located only miles away from where Christian Moerlein lived in Truppach, Germany which only makes the whole puzzle come together that much better.  Brilliant?  Brilliant.

The beer was released in the Moerlein taproom on September 1st, 2017 and hit beer stores in 16oz cans of delicious hoppy goodness soon after.

My Thoughts On Moerlein Spacetime

I loved this one.  The beer pours a really pretty soft orange, light ambery color with a big thick off white head on top.

The scent leaping off the top of the beer is floral, fresh and fruity.  There is a touch of spices behind the floral bouquet.

I dig the flavor, it’s a tea-like, earthy and fruity glass of happiness.  The bright flavor of it is balanced out with a soft carbonation, making this a really drinkable, refreshing brew.  Just fantastic.

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