Brewery – Figleaf
Beer – Iso-trope
Style – IPA
ABV – 7.2%
IBU – 68

What’s in a name? “Iso” refers to iso-alpha acids, the primary bittering compounds contributed by hops. “Trope” is a wink at the notion that some people say that American IPAs are an overplayed trope of a beer style. Designed to showcase floral and fruity American hops including Idaho 7, Centennial and Cascade with an understated bitterness to lend smooth drinkability. Incorporating nearly 4 pounds per barrel of hops total including a large dry hopping addition with whole leaf hops for a fresh, smooth expression of the hop varietals.

The description from the brewery tells you most of what you really need to know about this beer.  It was the second one that the brewery released in packaging (cans) when they started rolling out their cans in 2016 – and it’s pretty easy to see why they made the choice to release this one, it’s a great IPA, good for every day drinking and quiet, contemplative sipping and savoring as well.

This beer is an homage to hops, big, fruity floral American hops.

My Thoughts on Figleaf Iso-Trope

The beer pours a golden to slightly orange color, with a big, foamy off white head on top.

The aromas are floral and fruity, with a nice grassy note there as well.  This smells like the early spring does in my mind, and each time I get my nose even close to the glass it brings me to those early spring afternoons in my mind.  I would love this beer on that point alone… luckily it’s got even more going for it!

The taste is bright and hoppy.  It tingles the tounge and has a nice bite from the abv the kicks your tastebuds into gear.  Floral and fruity hops sit right on top of a light earthy malt backbone.  This is a fantastic every day IPA – it isn’t about being massive, bitter and in your face… it’s solid, easy drinking (even at 7.2% abv) and I feel like this is one that could have a dedicated space in any Cincinnati beer fridge.

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