Brewery – Taft’s Ale House
Beer – 27 Lager
Style – Dortmunder/Export
ABV – 5.3%
IBUs – 22

Steadfast and steeped in tradition, 27 Lager finds beauty in simplicity. Crisp, golden and noble.

Taft’s toyed with a few recipes for a while, trying to find a lager that would fill the place in their lineup for something that was easy drinking, flavorful and played homage to the rich German heritage not just in the neighborhood that the Ale House resides, but to the heritage of the actual structure itself.

27 Lager uses all German ingredients, and is a true to style Dortmunder Export Lager that will satisfy the palates of a lot of different drinkers.  It’s no wonder that the brewery made this part of their core lineup as soon as they opened their new production facility in Spring Grove Village in the summer of 2017.  In cans, in the summer, this beer is a welcome addition to their lineup for sure.

My Thoughts On Taft’s Ale House 27 Lager

Bright, clear, golden colored beer, with a fluffy white head perched on top of the glass… beautiful and exactly what you want a beer to look like if you’re thinking of what beer is “supposed” to look like.

The malty aroma is bready, and biscuity… really inviting.  Sitting on top of it is a layer of floral hop aromas… maybe a touch of honey thrown in.

The taste is full flavored, but still light and refreshing.  I get a touch of citrus thrown in with the earthy floral flavors, and that malty, breadiness is dominant.  The beer finishes nice and dry, leaving me wanting more.  This is a great beer, and one of my top lagers being made here in town… I love it.

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