It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, Bircus is unique. They are brewing beer in Ludlow, with the plans to open their very own Circus/Brewery Taproom that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We joined owner Paul Miller, Head Brewer Sean Gregor and their sort of “Jack of All Trades” Ryan Fardo to talk all things Bircus – as well as try some of their beer. It quickly becomes evident that Bircus is a really unique place in the Cincinnati Craft Beer scene. It’s Showtime, folks!

We joined owner Paul Miller, Head Brewer Sean Gregor and their “man of many trades” Ryan Fardo to chat about what makes this place unique – I mean… other than the fact that they are going to operating a brewery that is coupled up with a circus.  We touched on the history of the idea, and how exactly they plan to make it all work.  Of course… it wouldn’t be a proper show if we didn’t drink a few beers too!

The show proves one thing for sure – Bircus is unlike any other brewery that I’ve been to, and they are looking to do something that is more than unique… it’s groundbreaking.  This looks like it’s going to be the type of place that you not only have to go to, but you’re going to want to tell all your friends about as well.

Guests This Episode

  • Paul Miller – Owner, Chief Goof Officer
  • Sean Gregor – Head Brewer
  • Ryan Fardo – “Man of Many Trades”

From The Beer Fridge

  • Bircus – Alta Via Altbier
  • Bircus – Comic Walrus
  • Bircus – Lagoon
  • Bircus – Miss Patterson
  • Bircus – Showman
  • Bircus – The Breaded Lady
  • Bircus – Atilla The Plum

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