Brewery – Hakushika
Brand – Fresh And Light Namachozo
ABV – 13.3%
Rice Polishing Rate – 70%

Made by a brief aging period and pasteurization right before bottling, Fresh And Light Namachozo is characterized by a refreshingly cool aroma and mild taste.

The Hakushika Sake Brewery says that this Sake is excellent for pairing up with Japanese pub “izkaya” style casual cuisine including edamame, tofu (chilled tofu with leek “hiyayakko” and deep fried tofu “agedashi tofu”), deep-fried chicken karaagoe, gyoza, robatayaki skewers and sashimi.  They also say it’s excellent for pairing with Asian sales carpacccio and spicy sushi rolls.

I paired it up alone with a soft pink sunset sitting on my front porch and it stood up to that just fine.

My Thoughts On Hakushika Fresh And Light Namachozo

Years ago, when I first tried Sake and made up my (what I now know is wrong) opinion about it, I wish I had tried this.  This throws everything I tasted in that first warm, boozy glass of swill out the window and replaces it with a light, airy and delicious beverage.

There is a plethora of light fruity flavors present in this sake, while it still maintains a nice body and doesn’t let you forget that there is 13.3% ABV holding it all together.

I could see that this would pair up wonderfully with a light, elegant, sushi dinner, but I can’t recommend enough you empty your head and cleanse your palate before retiring to a quiet spot with this by itself.  It stands alone just fine, served nice and chilled.


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