If there’s anything that shows just how powerful ‘IPA’ is as a style, it’s the number of beer styles that have sprung up “off of” the traditional IPA style.  The latest in the trend seems to clearly be NE IPAs.  Love them or hate them, they’re hear to stay.  The style is also clearly here to stay in the Queen City as well.

You’ve been to the releases at Listermann, Streetside and Woodburn and you’ve tried the draft offerings all around town that play with the style as brewers have experimented around and played with what the style actually is, or isn’t.  Up next?  Christian Moerlein has a NE IPA set to hit the tap lines and canning line soon.

About Big Hazy

This NE IPA is brewed with Apricots, and boosts a solid 6.2% ABV and 65 IBUs.  The can reads:

Experimenting with the doors of perception, Christian Moerlein Brewing Company presents Big Hazy!  Kick back, let your hair down and enjoy.  There is no turning back; you’re in IPA country now.  This mind expanding IPA has an orange haze from an addition of apricot to the kettle.  A cosmic blend of Pacific Northwest hops infuses passion and mango fruit aromas.  Raise a cold one to the good times, even if they’re a bit hazy!  Keep on truckin’.

The label deign takes a tie die motif and runs with the theme using a bold purpley pink color to make it stand out from their other offerings.  Of course… this one is also packaged in what we’ve come to expect from the style, those signature pint cans.


As usual with these label approvals – it’s still up in the air when this will hit the city with it’s hazy self… if we’re for sure going to see it at all.  A label approval just means that a brewery can make and package a beer… not that they actually will.

That being said, if and when I hear some more information about when this is going to hit shelves, you can bet that you’ll find the information right here!

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