It’s never too early for Christmas presents – or to start thinking about Christmas beers I don’t think – when this rolled through my inbox a while back I just couldn’t hold back for too long.  This beer was really good last year and the thought of it making it’s way into cans got me a little giddy…

Santa’s Bribe is looking like it’s going to be the newest seasonal can addition from Taft’s Brewing Company and will be filling fridges across Cincinnati before you even realize it.

Let’s have a look at the label to learn a little bit more about the beer:

Santa’s Bribe

This 6.2% beer is an ale with Cinnamon, Ginger and Vanilla, and if you missed it last year I’ll spoil the surprise a little bit – it tastes like a freaking cookie.

The description reads:

Leave this brew with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla on the mantle with care, and your heart’s desire is what old Saint Taft will bear.

The artwork pulls some of the aspects of their other Christmas seasonal “Liquid Advent” and packs it into a 12oz format, with a deep midnight blue background.

During this week’s Cincy Brewcast the brewery let me know that it was currently sitting in tanks and that we’d see it start to appear around town towards the beginning of November.  I suppose it gives me something good to look forward to as all the trees start dropping their leaves, and as the weather starts to turn from thick and hot to crisp and chilly.

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