Brewery – Taft’s Brewing Company
Beer – Gavel Banger
Style – IPA
ABV – 6%
IBUs – 70

Taft, our honorable Gavel Banger, hands down his decision.  Juicy, hoppy justice for all!

William Howard Taft was the 27th president, as well as the 10th Supreme Court Justice.  He’s the only dude that’s held both offices, a feat that Taft’s Ale House honors with the name of this beer.  What else does this beer honor?  Hops.

The beer was first tapped for the brewery’s grand opening on April 6th 2015, and has been a taproom staple ever since.  It’s no mistake then, either, that when the brewery asked Cincinnati to vote on which beer would be the first to be canned at their new production facility, called the Brewpourium.

You can now find this beer all across Cincinnati in it’s bright blue cans.

My Thoughts On Taft’s Gavel Banger

In the glass the beer is a nice copper color, with a big fluffy white head on top.

Aromas shriek of big American hops.  Pine, Citrus and a nice resin-like aroma dominate.  I feel like I can find some malty caramel underneath too… but it’s pretty faint, if it’s there at all.

The taste is snappy, full of citrus flavor and a great light bitterness.  There is a light tropical note, but it’s quick.  The sharp and clean finish leaves me wanting another sip.  I like this.  It’s a great American IPA, and would be at home in my glass, for winter as well as summertime drinking.

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