I’m a little partial to things that are happening in my own backyard vs those that might be occurring elsewhere in the country, which is why I get so excited about this news.  March First is a unique place, a brewery that makes lagers and ciders while also running a distilling program.  That distilling program is the point of this post (as I’m sure you have figured out from the post title by now).

Since they opened their doors, we’ve been hearing a lot about their Vodka, a brand that they call ‘Voltage’.  Well… it’s time to finally start sipping on this premium handcrafted vodka! December 5th they’ll start releasing the spirit from their taproom.

Their director of operations, Kevin Kluener had this to say about the release:

We already make, arguably, damn good beer and cider.  We were anxious to expand into the craft spirits market in order to locally distill premium spirits because we see a real need that is not currently being filled for our fellow Cincinnatians.  The Queen City has 40+ breweries and only a handful of distilleries in the greater area; we aim to fill that need.”

Not a vodka drinker?  Don’t worry… the full lineup of beer, cider and booze from March First will make you happy no matter what your beverage of choice happens to be.  However… I think you should give it a try, and start prepping yourself for a full lineup of spirits from this exciting new craft distillery.

You can mark your calendar, and tell all your Facebook friends about the launch party here!

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