This project has evidently been in the works for quite some time now, a cookbook that brings together food and beer in a way that is so… “MadTree”.  The book is called Mix and Mash: Recipes for the Table and Glass.  It’s not only a collection of more than 25 recipes that use MadTree beer as an ingredient, but it’s another way for the brewery to give back to charity, in this case La Soupe.

The book is 125 pages, and within that you’ll find recipes that all have one thing in common, MadTree beer as an ingredient.  You’ve got everything from vegetable fritto misty to roasted pork belly tacos to citrus IPA bars.  Each recipe digs in a little deeper and lets you get to know the chefs along the way too.

Not really the cooking type?  They’ve also included recipes to brew some of their most popular beers at home too… score one for homebrewers looking for a good, beautiful copy of those recipes to save.  Sarah Gast, MadTree’s marketing manager had this to say about the book:

Creating Mix and Mash has been one of the most rewarding projects we have ever done at MadTree.  We have always admired the creativity of these chefs and loved brewing beer with them.  This time, we were able to step into their world to help share some amazing dishes while supporting a great cause.

The chefs that you’ll find in the book are:

  • Dana Scott Adkins
  • Paul Barraco
  • Jared Bennett
  • Brad Bernstein
  • Rachel DesRochers
  • Mike Florea
  • Patrick Hague
  • Dylan Jones
  • Jeff Ledford
  • Andrew Mersmann
  • Arik Messerschmidt
  • Josh Parry
  • Jackson Rouse
  • Jose Salazar
  • Stephen Williams

If it all sounds like something you want to get your hands on (it would make a really good Christmas present, you know…) you can find it at the MadTree taproom, on their online store as well as Joseph Beth book stores.

About La Soupe

Headed by Chef Suzy DeYoung, La Soupe is bridging the gap between food waste and hunger. They rescue “ugly” and over-ordered perishable food to create delicious and highly-nutritious meals for food-insecure families. A small percentage of soup is sold to paying customers and sales of the meals fuel our donations to Cincinnati’s food-deprived individuals. La Soupe is a non-profit organization that relies on soup sales and individual donations to operate.

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