I hope that you’ve been watching the folks up in Middletown’s Rolling Mill Brewing Company, because as 2017 starts to wind down they’re kicking things into high gear and hoping to have their doors open before the new year.  When I first wrote about the brewery they were still working on getting the space ready, and while I can’t say that it’s quite done yet… its close!  I thought as they near completion of their taproom it was a good time to head on out and sit them down for a bit of a ‘get to know you brewcast’.  Rolling Mill is going to be making a full lineup of beer that is 100% gluten free, and while they don’t really want to be known just for being gluten free, it’s a fascinating approach for me.  I was excited for you guys to get to hear a little bit about the plan from the owners themselves.

How do they make beer that remains flavorful, while eliminating grain that contains gluten?  Why are they doing that in the first place?  Maybe most importantly, what can you expect when you step foot in their downtown Middletown taproom for the first time?  We tackled it all!

Guests This Week

  • Josh Laubach
  • Megan Laubach


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