It’s hard to believe the growth that Braxton has seen in the short (almost) 3 years since they opened their doors.  It seems like it was just yesterday that the announcement was made that the brewery would start sending it’s beer over the river into Ohio.  Things keep progressing along the meteoric path that they continue to set with today’s announcement from the Covington, Kentucky brewery.

Hitting The Road, Destination: Columbus.

Columbus has a thriving beer scene, with a few breweries doing some really great stuff, but it’s my opinion that any city can do a little better with a few more Cincinnati taps in their stable.  Braxton is going to be a great addition to the city.  The brewery announced today that they’ll be distributing their beer in Ohio’s capital starting February 6th.

They teamed up with Superior Beverage to make the move possible, with their new Sales Manager in the market, Annette Cardenas making sure that the brand is represented the way we all know they deserve to be.

For now, the brewery will be sending up Storm, their Golden Cream Ale alongside Revamp IPA and their current seasonal, Spotlight White IPA, but you can expect to see their limited special releases and their Braxton Labs special releases as they become available too.

The Release Events

It wouldn’t be Braxton without a lineup of events to show the new city who they are and what they’re all about.  The brewery has been working relentlessly to put this all together, and it looks like the effort is well worth it – if you’re looking for a road trip, or have any friends or family in Columbus let them know about these dates!

  • Columbus Winter Beer Fest – January 19th and 20th
  • Bob’s Bar Tap Takeover – February 6th
  • Launch Party at Pin’s – February 6th
  • Braxton At Bodega – February 7th
  • Zeno’s Tap Takeover – February 7th
  • Meet The Brewery at the Daily Growler – UA – February 8th
  • Sampling at Gentile’s The Wine Sellers – February 9th
  • Sampling at Savor Growl – February 9th
  • Tap Takeover At The Pint Room – February 9th
  • Tasting At Lucky’s Market – February 10th
  • Braxton & Giant Eagle Launch – February 10th
  • Sampling at Palmer’s Beverage Center – February 10th

If you want more details about any of these release events, Braxton’s Facebook page is a fantastic resource for these or any of their events.  You can always reach out on social media where they do a wonderful job of getting answers to any questions that their fans might have.

Special Beers To Mark The Occasion

Here’s a fun part of this new move for Braxton.  As they move into Columbus, they wanted to show their love by brewing up something special.  Braxton Labs, their innovation brewery, brewed up a Buckeye stout exclusively for the new market.  The beer is a peanut butter chocolate stout and will be available for a really limited time in the city.

They’ve also hinted at another special beer coming.  They’re calling it a special collaboration, and are saying that the announcement is coming very soon – before the launch events.  So, you might want to keep your eyes on that too!

Congrats goes out to Braxton on this new growth!  It’s amazing to think of how far this brewery has come in short time, and it absolutely blows my mind to think of where they’re going to be in 3 more years (and well beyond!).

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