I hope that you’ve been paying attention enough to know that College Hill’s Brink Brewing Company is preparing to host their first ever Bottle Release this Saturday, January 13th.  As the event quickly approaches I wanted to not only make sure that everyone knows about it, but that everyone’s got the full skinny on what to expect when they show up that morning too.

The Event Details

The doors open to the taproom at noon, but I can’t emphasize enough that if you want to snag one of the variants, you’re going to have to get there early.  The Dapper Doughnut is going to be on site at 10am, and that should provide you with a nice relief after standing in line for a couple hours already. (Catch my drift here?)

Don’t show up late and hope to snag the variants… though there are still going to be a few of the “standard” releases that you’ll probably be able to get.  About that…

The Beer Details

The beer that all this hubbub is about is a called Armored Heart.  It’s a Russian Imperial Stout, barrel aged just for good measure.  The standard two base beers are going to be worth the lineup alone.  With 210 of each of these bottles, they’ll go fast, but not so fast that if you show up at a reasonable time, you won’t be able to get one.  The brewery has set a limit of 2 per person, and they’re going to be $16 a piece.

  • Armored Heart – Aged In Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey Barrels
  • Armored Herat – Aged In Rum Barrels

Then you have variants.  You’ve got some really limited variants, that will be gone before you have a chance to even look at the gorgeous colored wax.  There are literally only 27 of each of these bottles.  The limit is one of each per person and they’re $20 a piece, so in theory, they could run out after the first 27 people in line get their allotment.  Keep that in mind.

  • Armored Heart – Rum Barrel Aged with Vanilla and Deeper Roots La Armonia Hermosa Coffee
    • The brewery says that this variant has notes of Plum, Chocolate and Licorice
  • Armored Heart – Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged with Deeper Roots Bukonzo Coffee
    • Notes of sweet almonds and dates.
  • Armored Heart – Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged with Deeper Roots Community Blend Coffee
    • Notes of caramel and chocolate.

I think I made it pretty clear… but if not, get to this early.  Line up.  Have fun… but don’t be upset if you don’t get the variant you want.  The two base beers will be on tap, but in really limited amount, because they put as much of this beer into bottles as they possibly could.  You’ll only be able to get sample sizes of the two beers, but you’ll at least get to try them.  The variants though?  Make friends with one of the people who snags ‘em.

Oh… and get there early!

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