Holy smokes.  It’s really sneaking up on me, but I have great news for all you bock beer fans (like me!), It’s almost bock season!  As we get closer and closer to Cincinnati’s famous Bockfest, we’re getting our first glimpse at some of the exciting things that we’ve got in store for us – Christian Moerlein’s Emancipator Doppelbock is going to be getting canned this year, for the first time ever!

About Emancipator

Doppelbock is the bigger, heartier sibling of bock beer.  Its higher alcohol, bigger flavors and overall beefed up character makes it a perfect companion to the cold days that can often accompany the bock season here in Cincinnati.

Emancipator comes in at a respectable 7% ABV and 17.5 IBUs.  It’s a tribute to the original Franciscan Hermits of Paula in Munich who first brewed the style to serve as a “liquid bread” to sustain them during the lent fasting.  The brewery also uses the opportunity to tip their cap to their Franciscan Friar neighbors of the Province of St. John the Baptist, who serve at St. Francis Seraph and across the Midwest.  In fact… the monks have a tradition with Moerlein to tap the ceremonial first keg of the beer each year.

The beer itself is a good one.  It was first brewed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, and uses a blend of six varieties of malt to provide a “smooth toasted character with a deep brown color and complex hints of caramel and toffee”.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, you might be interested to know that it’s also got a GABF silver medal that it wears around it’s neck.  This beer is no joke.

The Tapping Event

You’ll be hearing a little more about the Bockfest festivities from me in the near future, but for now all you need to know is that the brewery is tapping this on Friday, January 12th at 4pm.  The cans will be available in the Moerlein Malt House taproom, and the ceremonial keg tapping will take place at 7pm that evening with the Franciscan Monks.

Stay tuned for some up to date Tasting Notes, or better yet, while you’re waiting grab a six pack and let me know what you thought of it!

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