The chaos reins supreme in this week’s episode!  The day was already a hectic one, with more beer releases taking place on one day than I think I’ve seen yet.  In addition to the releases, there was also a really fun event being put on by the Northern Kentucky Homebrewer’s guild that I had to try to capture called the Iron Mash.  If you’ve ever watched Iron Chef, you’ll understand the concept.  6 teams of homebrewers gather, and are hit with a secret ingredient (it ended up being a randomly picked cereal).  You then have 45 minutes to create a recipe and execute.  In a couple months the final beers will all be bottled up and judged accordingly.  We settled in, and talked to not some people from the club to see how they approached the brew day, as well as digging into some of each person’s history with homebrewing.

As if all that’s not enough… the event was taking place at Braxton Labs, so we had to snag show regular Evan Rouse to talk about the release of their Bourbon Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout, and some of the other fun changes that are taking place at Braxton as well as Braxton Labs too.  The show is action packed… a little chaotic, and poorly edited (sorry about that #DadLife) but there is some really fun information in it!  This is a really fun event, and if you keep your eyes peeled, I might have something written up about it in the future… it was that cool!

Stay tuned next week… I’ve got another neat episode tackling some of Cincinnati’s long beer history.  I’m teaming up with the folks from Have A Drink to make it happen, so keep your eyes peeled!

Guests This Week

  • Evan Rouse – Braxton Brewing Company
  • Dave Dixon – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Eddie Unterreiner – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Owen Mountjoy – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Jared Whalen – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Tom Studer – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Gabe – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild
  • Michael Schuler – NKY Homebrewer’s Guild

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