I think Braxton and Braxton labs are making it clear that they’re really into the Berliner Weisse style of beer.  From Yesterday’s Headlines Volume 1 to Summertrip and now a series of fruited Berliner’s out of Braxton Labs, they’re hitting the style pretty heavily, and that’s a really good thing.

The Berliner love is rolling on with the latest release from the experimental, “innovation laboratory” this month when they are putting their new Peach Cobbler Berliner Weisse into those now signature Braxton Labs 500ml bottles.

About The Beer

Braxton Labs’ Peach Cobbler Berliner Weisse is brewed with peach puree, Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans, graham cracker and cinnamon, and is set to be released in the Braxton Labs taproom on Saturday, February 17th.  While the beer is packaged in 500ml bottles, it’s also a nice, easy drinking 4.2% abv, so if you enjoy the style, don’t skimp out and only get one bottle of it (you’ll be able to snag a four pack for $29.99).

The beer is soured in the brew kettle for 18 hours with lactobacillus, before hitting the boil to sterilize it.  There are minimal hops in Berliners, and it’s fermented with a dry with a clean ale yeast.  To give the beer that “cobbler feeling” they added lactose in the boil, plus vanilla beans, graham crackers, cinnamon and 420 lbs of peach puree.

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