When Christian Moerlein changed things up in 2015 by replacing Hudepohl Amber Lager with their new Hudy Pure Lager, it was a smart move.  When you look at it on paper, it makes perfect sense.  The brewery wanted to bring the brewing of Amber Lager back to Cincinnati, and in the process the question was asked “Can we make this beer better?”.  The brewing team decided that they could absolutely improve the recipe, so much so in fact that it warranted a name change too.

Smart move… except Amber Lager had already gained a group of loyal fans who were heartbroken to learn that their beer was going to be replaced by something different (better or not).  Hopefully if you’re one of those fans, you’re reading this now – because it looks like Hudepohl Amber Lager might be returning to shelves soon!

As with all label approvals, you know the disclaimer – I can’t gauarantee that this will be made, or if it is, when that will happen.  Let’s have a look-see, then, shall we?

Hudepohl Amber Lager

I have to make some assumptions about this, since we don’t have any real information about it yet… so if we assume it’s the same beer as it was before we can guess that it’s going to be a 4.7% Amber Lager, packed full of grassy and earthy notes. Easy Drinking and affordable, while still being delicious.

The label approval is for 16oz pint cans that keep the same look as the old ones did with one notable exception.

Brewed and canned by the Hudepohl Brewing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is good stuff!

Keep your eyes peeled, as I hear more, you’ll hear more!

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