I was pretty excited when I heard the news that Rivertown was going to let loose on cans of Nitro Roebling.  No one here in Cincinnati has attempted to move their nitro beers into packaging before Rivertown, and I’m a firm believer that with the right recipes, it’s hard to beat the texture of a good nitro beer.

Imagine, then, my giddy giggle when I found out that the brewery wasn’t done with the series yet.  No… they’ve got a really great beer coming just in time for the summer heat, and it’s going to follow up Roebling in Nitro cans.

Rivertown Pineapple WhipCreamy, Sour, Pineapple Whip

I reached out to Rivertown to see exactly what this beer was all about, and was really happy to learn some of the back story of what was going on with this latest addition.  First, though… let’s look at the label.  According to the brewery this beer is:

Crafted for the ones who dream magical pineapple dreams.

The label also instructs the drinker to pour this vigorously into a beer-clean glass.  The label is bright.  Rivertown’s fantastic designer TommyInk used a really awesome white, green, yellow and orange palate to make this beer pop, and almost scream summertime.  The bold white, fluffy text that states the name of the beer gives you a really fantastic hint at the flavor and texture that they’re going for with this beer.

The beer takes a nice crisp sour base and hits it with natural pineapple flavor.  An addition of milk sugar gives the beer a sweet dessert-like flavor that when coupled with the choice to serve this up on Nitro (it will be available on draft via co2 also) it comes together as a creamy, sweet treat that sounds pretty freaking delicious to me.

Rivertown Pineapple Whip

The Story Behind The Beer

I’ve never been to Disney before.  Maybe my parents didn’t quite love me enough to make it happen… maybe I was just never a good enough kid to deserve the magic of the happiest place on earth, but I’m told that it’s worth the trip for the Dole Pineapple Whip alone.

Rivertown’s fearless leader, Jason Roeper grew up between here and Florida, and like thousands and thousands of other people fell in love with this dessert that is served exclusively at Disney.  This beer is modeled after that dessert.

I may have to wait until “Baby Gnome” is older before I get my first visit to Disney, but hopefully this beer will give me a little preview at the dessert that so many people have raved about.

So… you might be wondering when you can get your hands on this tasty treat, right?  You’ll have to wait just a bit.  It’s too cold still to fully appreciate a beer like this, anyways.  I’m told that the brewery is expecting that you’ll be able to start seeing this pop up somewhere around May, which seems just about right to me!

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