Summertrip hits home with fans of Braxton each year as the weather starts to warm.  It’s a sign of things to come, the warmth of spring and summer, but it’s also a really freaking delicious beer.  Imagine the joyous glee then from these Berliner fans as they recently learned that the Covington brewery is using this year’s release of Summertrip to announce a new series called the ‘Trip Series’.

What’s This Series All About?

I mean… it’s about delicious Berliner Style Weisse beers, in cans.  The brewery will launch a rotation of Berliner’s throughout the year to pay homage to the versatility of this style.

Co-Founder Evan Rouse made it a point to say that they couldn’t nearly keep up with the demand for this beer last year during its time on shelves.  The scaled-up project should help keep with the demand that the refreshing style brings along with it.

No longer will you be forced to enjoy cans of this style only in the heat of summertime!  You might be wondering what other variations on the style you’ve got to look forward to – let’s talk about that.

The Series, and What’s In It.

Summertrip – March, 2018

  • You know this one.  It’s a passionfruit Berliner.  The brewery brands it as an excuse to celebrate long summer days, be it by the pool, while grilling out, on vacation, or just after a long day of work when you want to remind yourself that Summer isn’t just a season, but a state of mind.

”Fall Trip” – October, 2018

  • I don’t know that that’s what it’s going to be called.  Autumn trip might sound a little better, actually.  While we don’t really know what beer this will be yet – we have a good narrowing down of a couple.  Currently the brewery is doing a side by side series of tastings around town, called the ‘Battle of the Berliners’ where you get to vote on either a Kiwi Berliner or a Pear Berliner.  Guess why they are having you vote? The winner gets to be the next beer in the series.  If you want your chance to go vote for the Kiwi, they’ll have them on tap at their big upcoming third anniversary party, so you can vote for the Kiwi there.  The Kiwi.  The Kiwi.  Kiwi.

”Winter Trip” – Early 2019

  • Again… the name is just me making something up, but we literally have no idea what this one will be, yet.  The possiblities are endless, but I think something Dry-Hopped would be nice for the winter months.  If you’re looking to go fruit, the obvious one might be cranberries.  Maybe get a nice piney dry hop with an orange addition too… that might be amazing.

Stay tuned.  As more details about the series start to come out, I’ll definitely be filling you in on them all!

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