They’ve been chugging along in Blue Ash, working to change minds and fill thirsty bellies for more than a year now and it begs the question: Why has it taken the Brewcast that long to get out to Blue Ash to do a show with the Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati?  I don’t actually have a good answer for that, but I can say that as Volume 3 of the show wraps up, there is no time like the present to do it.

Queen City has had a lot of ups and downs in their short history here in Cincinnati and I was joined by head brewer Jason Surniak to dig in and explore it all.  We talked about not only the Kickstarter that got everyone talking, but about why a 3bbl brewhouse has so few fears about experimenting with who they are and pushing boundaries.  We talked about the future for the brewery, and how growth is planned.  All of this is framed by a backdrop of drinking some of the Queen City Brewing Companies best beers too.

If you’re even a little curious to figure out what these folks are all about – this is the episode for you!

As usual, Cincy Brewcast is sponsored (and loves) Cincy Brew Bus.  There are few ways better to explore our city’s craft beer scene that on one of the Brew Bus’s fantastic tours!  Hit up their website to learn more.  Also, as season 4 kicks into gear, we’re going to be looking for more sponsors soon.  If you think you’ve got a product or service that fits in with the ethos of what it means to ‘Be Gnarly’ – shoot me a message and we can start a conversation!

Guests This Episode

  • Jason Surniak – The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati

From The Beer Fridge

  • Queen City – Amber Waves of Grain
  • Queen City – The Dark Knight
  • Queen City – Brick City Stout
  • Queen City – Rings of Saturn

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