There has been a lot of changes with Cellar Dweller/Valley Vineyards in recent months.  Their longtime head brewer Steve Shaw left to help start up Wiedemann, and they picked up a great talent with CJ Katsetos to put a new spin on their brewing program.  New beers, new spins on old beers… there’s a lot to talk about (not to mention the history of Cellar Dweller, the history of CJ himself).  We covered as much as we could on this episode to kick off season 4 of Cincy Brewcast.

Stay tuned to the blog… I’ve got plenty more to say about this “new” or revamped Cellar Dweller that we’re seeing.

Guests This Week

  • CJ Katsetos
  • Marco Penilla

From The Beer Fridge

  • Joe Hefe – Grapefruit Hefeweizen
  • Mary Morrow – NE IPA
  • Eye Opener – Hazelnut Coffee Stout
  • Raspberry Tart – Tart Ale
  • Copperhead – Pale Ale

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