Holy crap… what a night!  If you weren’t watching the live stream of this years World Beer Cup awards, it may come as really great news for you to hear that Ohio tore things up at the ceremony – winning a total of 10 awards.  Of those, 4 of them were from right here in Cincinnati.

I’m not going to draw this out too much, let’s just get to it.  I can’t offer up a bigger congrats to these folks for bringing home some big accolades… you all deserve this!

Fretboard – Vlad The Impaler – Silver Medal

Fretboard may only be a mere six months old, but they brought home the silver medal for their Vlad The Impaler pilsner.  After having a long talk to Brad and Danny on last week’s episode of Cincy Brewcast about this beer – I’m so freaking happy to see them recognized for what it is on such a big stage!

Taft’s Ale House – Gustav – Silver Medal

Taft’s is no stranger to winning medals with Gustav.  The Vienna lager brought home not just a silver medal at the 2017 US Open beer comp, but a massive Gold Medal at last years GABF too.  If they haven’t already decided to get this into packaging – what are you guys waiting for?

Brink – Moozie Milk Stout – Bronze Medal

Again… this is a beer that is no stranger to the spotlight.  Moozie already has awards at both the 2017 Denver International Beer competition and the 2017 US Open Beer Competition.  When you couple that up with the face that Brink brought home a gold at last years GABF – I think there’s no denying that they’re doing something right.

Fifty West – 10&2 Barleywine – Silver

This Beer loves me, and I love this beer.  With (according to my count) a total of six medals so far, it’s also Fifty West’s most awarded beer to date.  Their gold at last years GABF, and a gold at the 2016 World Beer Cup is just icing on the cake of what they’re doing over there in Mariemont!

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