I know that we’re just now rolling out of the weekend, and headed back to work, but it’s never too early to start planning for the next weekend.  If you’re looking for some good beer events to add to your calendar you might want to look into swinging by Braxton Labs in Newport where they’ll be celebrating their first anniversary on the 19th.

The brewery is a unique expansion, or second location for a brewery.  The Labs is not jus a pilot system, or an expansion to help push out more beer into the market.  Braxton Labs is place designed to “spark conversation” to get the creative juices flowing and to have the freedom to push boundaries where they can.  It is a space that births new bottle releases, new can releases, explores styles that the brewers are intrigued by, and it’s hard to believe that they’ll be celebrating a full year in business already.

The Details

The event takes place (obviously) at Braxton Labs, which is located in the back of The Party Source, in Newport Kentucky.  They’ll have plenty going on all day, with the festivities kicking off at 11am, and continuing until 11pm.

If you don’t know how they celebrate at the Labs, you’ll quickly find out this weekend.  They’re going to fire up 42 taps of Braxton beer, which means they’re going to have not just Labs beers, but core styles, seasonals and some of Braxton’s most limited releases (I’m hearing rumblings of dark charge!!)

If beer alone doesn’t do it for you anymore, you can rest assured that they’ll have live music to keep things hopping, and a food truck will be on site to make sure you don’t get hungry.

In addition to all of that, the brewery is also going to be releasing their latest bottle during the event.. so if beer is what get’s you moving, you’re going to want to pay attention to this!

The Beer Release

This bottle release was originally scheduled for this last weekend, but as fate would have it… you can’t rush the magic of fermentation, and instead we get the latest bottle from the Labs at their anniversary party.  They’ll be releasing their Strawberry Gose right as they open their doors at 11am.  The beer is packaged in those signature 500ml labs bottles, and they’re going to retail for $6.99 a piece or $24.99 for a four pack.  The brewery first tapped this gose back in April and it’s been one of their most popular draft offerings to date.  It’s an imperial style – 6.5% ABV gose with Mediterranean Sea salt and whole coriander.  The kicker to the beer, though, is the post primary fermentation addition of 1.3lbs per gallon of strawberry puree.

This is a beer worth celebrating an anniversary for!

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