There are beers for every situation and mood that you happen to have as a craft beer drinker.  We are blessed to live in a city with enough breweries to provide beers for every one of those situations (and even some that you didn’t know you needed a beer for).  It’s even more exciting to start to realize that there are some breweries that can cover almost any situation with their own portfolio alone, and Braxton is gearing up to release a new product that fills that gap even more for the Covington brewery.

They’re calling it Garage Beer, and I hope you get as excited about this as I do.

What’s Garage Beer?

Everyone needs a beer that fills their garage fridge up.  You need a beer to stock a cooler while you’re out fishing.  That beer that you can have on hand and know that any beer drinker will like it (I get it… my Gose isn’t going to be delicious to every beer drinker on the planet).  Sometimes you just need a BEER.  You need it to be light, drinkable, affordable and well crafted.  This is what Garage Beer is.  You can grab one of these and give it to your neighbor while you’re shooting the shit in the driveway without worrying if they’re a beer geek or not.  It’s just good, tasty beer.

Digging a little deeper Garage Beer is a premium lager coming in at 4% ABV.  The cans have a short description that reads:

At the intersection of hard work and innovation, you’ll find a garage full of ideas and a few cold ones to inspire what’s next.

The bright white cans scream tradition, simplicity and even a bit of nostalgia… things that Braxton understands better than maybe anyone else in Cincinnati.  The lower abv means that you can sit around and knock a few of these back without getting your butt kicked in the process, too.

Digging A Little Deeper

I mentioned earlier that one of the biggest things that you need from a “Fridge Filler” like this is affordability.  Six packs of most beers are coming in at $9.99, which if you buy two of them to fill up your cooler for an afternoon isn’t terrible… but twenty bucks is twenty bucks.  I dont’ know about you, but you’ll find me leaning more and more on some of the closeout beers or cheaper options if I need to fill up a cooler.  This is where things get exciting.  Braxton is looking to release this beer for $15.99.

If you think a $15.99 12 pack is exciting, you might want to go back and read a little deeper into all of this.  No where above did I tell you that Garage Beer was a 12 pack.  That’s right… this is also the first release from Braxton in a 15 pack of beers. If you couple a 15 pack of this up with a 12 pack of their mixed variety pack (called the tool box) you’ve got an unstoppable combination to fill any cooler… trust me.

Braxton Brewing Company gets it.  And I trust this release.  These guys know how to make a hell of a lager, and I trust that they’ve got the talent to put out a delicious, refreshing and easy drinking lager at this price point.  It’s downright exciting.  It changes the game for what my go-to beer is going to be when I am going camping, or boating, or fishing.  It’s what you’re going to always find in my overflow beer fridge.  The recycling truck will know what this can looks like very well in a short bit of time.

When can you get this?  I don’t have a perfect release date yet, but my “sources” are telling me that the brewery is looking to get this out on shelves around mid-August.  I can promise you one thing. When the announce a date, you’re going hear me tell you about it again… I’m pretty pumped.

Update – The Release Announcement

I have been eagerly awaiting this beer since I first wrote this post back in June, and the news finally hit my inbox today.  We’ve got a release date! The brewery will be celebrating this beer with a taproom release on Friday, August 24th at 7pm.

I will most definitely have some tasting notes about this beer up as soon as I get my hands on a 15 pack of it – so stay tuned… the link will be right here.

Production Only
The Garage Beer Company does not have it’s own location, the brand is brewed at both Braxton Brewing Company and other contract partners.
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    1. No – it’s a post about a beer that has, since writing, 100% become a staple in my house (ironically enough, in my garage fridge) – the beer nails what they were going for. I assure this is not an Advertisement, however, if Braxton (or any other brewery would like to advertise, we can definitely talk).

      Cheers, buddy… relax and have a beer.

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