I feel like we’ve been hearing it for a few years now, this idea that craft lagers are poised to become “the next big thing”.  We’ve certainly got some great ones available in packaging now, and Rhinegeist might just be looking to add one more to the shelves at your favorite beer store soon.  They’ve already been selling their bright, crisp pilsner Puma in packaging seasonally, but this new one – Cheetah is a different beast.

About Cheetah

To understand this beer, we need to first look at the label to see what the brewery says about it:

Swift in body and mind, Cheetah sprints ever forward.  A blur of pure instinct.  Buena Onda.  Pure, crisp, clean.  Blissful simplicity.  Savor this moment.  All we have and all we need is now.  Feel free and therefore you are free.

The beer is 4.8%, and as they told you, bright, clean and simple.  This doesn’t mean that it is boring by any stretch, though.  There is an underlying citrus pop to the beer that creates a wonderful summertime companion that is refreshing and “crushable” as the kids say, while still holding enough character in its depths to keep your palate entertained through the process.

The beer is pretty new to the Rhinegeist portfolio, just popping onto taps this summer in a limited fashion.  It looks, though, that Rhinegeist has bigger plans for this craft lager that to just hang out on the draft lines around town!  The beer is a perfect candidate for canning, and would have a nice place in the cooler during these hot summer months – perfect by the pool or at the next cookout that sees me sitting around a game of cornhole sipping away at something easy.

Keep in mind, with this and all label approvals, they don’t always mean that we’re going to get the beer in packaging, or if we are, when that will happen.  All this means is that the brewery has been granted permission to release it.  However, typically it means we’re going to see it at some point!

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