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A great tasting handcrafted cocktail requires a balance of ingredients, including a stimulating liquor, sweet, bitter, savory and beautiful garnish. Blue Henry provides you with the same great taste of handcrafted cocktail in just half the time and cost. Blue Henry is a new line of all-natural rich simple syrups, candied fruit, and cotton candy divvy’s. Available online at for purchase.

Blue Henry Handcrafted cocktail candy is designed for both the trained mixologist and the home bartender in mind. The founder prioritize local, American-made, small business  where possible to source the finest and simplest all-natural ingredients to create each flavor in the line of cotton candy, rich simple syrup, and dried candied fruit. 95% of the flavor extracts are made in house.  Each batch is made fresh and lives a limited shelf life guaranteeing  optimal flavor  with each drink.

“I had a natural interest in cocktail making and was playing around with different things like syrups, sugars, herbs and spices – the same ones you can find in high end liqueurs,” said Adrienne Walker, Founder and CEO of Blue Henry Spirits. “Being able to apply it to things like our cotton candy elevated cocktails and made it fun. Not just cotton candy at the carnivals but this stuff is spicy and amazing,” she continued.

Blue Henry, named after the Walker’s  laid-back  but spirited  family dog, was birthed after one long night of hosting guests at home. As a cocktail enthusiast who  likes to entertain  Walker grew frustrated with the expense and time it took  to craft cocktails missing out on quality time with her guests. Her mission became to innovate quality all-natural bitters and sweeteners for great-tasting cocktails.

Blue Henry Spirits is available online for purchase for a suggested retail price that ranges from $6.00 – $16.00. For more information and to purchase, please visit

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