Valentine Distilling Co. has released a new-and-improved bottle that reflects the elite sophistication of its award-winning vodka.

After researching, via several focus groups, the consistent theme that Valentine heard was the quality of the product far exceeded the branded look that sat on retail shelves. Valentine determined it was time to have all elements of the branded vodka appeal to the quality that is known as Valentine.

The new design features vertical ridges around the bottle, which adds a touch of class to the look and feels consistent with the world-class taste of what’s inside. The re-designed label is a classic white with light, wavy horizontal lines in the background. The simple, yet elegant text gives consumers a first glance at what kind of quality they are purchasing.

The decision to tone the bottle to a more classic look allows the eye to be drawn to this stand-out design on the grocery or liquor store shelf.

“We are the top vodka product in the industry. Those who know us, know our products rate among the best in the world, so we made the choice to look the part, too,” said owner Rifino Valentine.

Valentine Distilling’s product distribution is growing at a significant rate year over year. As the brand gains more national distribution, Valentine knew it was imperative to meet consumers’ expectations.

As the bottle hits retail shelves, consumers will notice Valentine’s brand icon, Belle, still included in the redesign. Belle passionately represents a staple of the Valentine brand, as she pays homage to an era of American history, the 1920s through the 1940s, during a time when Detroit was known as the Parisof the Midwest. Belle’s look reflects the work of the Peruvian artist, Alberto Vargas, and her image will draw consumers in and show that Valentine’s traditional roots are still very much present.

For those who wish to collect the original design of the bottle before it’s gone, act fast, as the new-and-improved bottle hits shelves soon.

The tagline on the bottle speaks for the new design itself: quality above all else.

Established in 2007, an American pioneer of small batch spirits, Valentine Distilling Co.’s Vodka has been named “World’s Best” by The World Vodka Awards in London back-to-back in 2016 and 2017.

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