I love watching our local breweries bring home recognition for what they do – and it becomes more and more clear with every competition that we’ve got some really fantastic places putting out some of the best beer that has ever come out of Cincinnati.

The US Open Beer championship is the only major championship to allow winning beers from the AHA’s National Homebrew competition to compete against professional breweries from all across the world.  The competition is blind with the judges only knowing what category the beers fall into.

Needless to say, I’m proud of all of these places for getting their due recognition!  Don’t forget that if you ever want to know about some of the awards that our local breweries have brought home over the years, I try to keep an updated list of all of them!

Brink Brewing Company

Brink took home second place overall with their three gold medals and one silver medal.  These guys are on fire, and I’m not surprise to see any of these beers with a medal next to their name.

  • Gold Medal – Hold The Reins – English Mild Category
  • Gold Medal – Father G’s Bee’s – Brown Ale Category
  • Gold Medal – Duncan Clan – Strong Scottish Ale Category
  • Silver Medal – Moozie – Cream Stout Category
  • Silver Medal – Crazy Train – Belgian Pale Ale Category
  • Silver Medal – Vlad – International Style Pilsner
  • Gold – Nutcase – Peanut Butter/ Nuts Beer Category
MadTree Brewing
  • Bronze Medal – Citra High – Triple IPA Category
Municipal Brew Works
  • Silver Medal – Recovery Red – Imperial Red Ale Category
Quarter Barrel
  • Silver Medal – 3 Legged Elvis – French/Belgian Ale Category
  • Gold – Double Oaked Mastadon – Wood/Barrel Aged Quad Category
Taft’s Ale House
  • Gold Medal – City Flea – English Summer Ale Cateogry
Urban Artifact
  • Silver – Beipiaosaurus – Wood/Barrel Aged Fruit Sour

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