Fibonacci might not really be getting “Bigger”, I think we all know by this point that they’re nano and pretty proud of it. They’re certainly growing a little bit, though.  If your internet connection is working properly and you have been paying attention, I’m sure that you’ve read about their expansion plans by now.  I don’t want to rehash the same things that you’ve been reading, but I feel like a lot of people have still missed the mark in explaining what’s going on with the Mt. Healthy brewery.  It’s also a tragedy that no one has written about their upcoming birthday party, yet.

That’s what I’m here for!  Let’s start with the expansion, shall we?

Goats, Beer Gardens and Taprooms… Oh My!

If you listened to Volume 4, Episode 10 of Cincy Brewcast you got a nice glimpse at not only what this expansion entails, but why the brewery is expanding at all.  It’s been fun watching our breweries not only open their doors, but as they get older watching them expand too.  Every brewery is finding their own path to growing up.  From new, bigger locations, to second locations to fancy taproom or brewhouse additions… there’s a lot of roads you can go down.  Fibonacci’s is definitely an expansion unlike anything that we’ve seen so far.  Here are some of the highlights.

  • A new beer garden.
  • New taproom.
  • New event space.
  • Two Air BnB rentals
  • Goats
  • Urban farm to grow ingredients

It’s easy to look at the list of things that they are doing, and just glance at them, moving past.  But this expansion is a big deal for Fibonacci because it’s a piece of who this brewery has been all along… sliding below the surface for a lot of beer drinkers who haven’t really seen the grander vision.

The Fibonacci taproom isn’t dripping with beautiful homages to science and nature because it’s trendy or matched their logo, it’s who they are. Fibonacci at it’s very core was always about bridging the two sides of brewing into one cohesive vision.  Betty Bollas has been eager to get her urban farm off the ground, and her husband Bob is ready to incorporate not just the ingredients that she grows, but to use a hyper local focus of fresh ingredients to do things that other breweries only can dream about because of their scale.  It’s beautiful, and the new expansion (dubbed Fibonacci 1.618) connects a lot of the dots that we’ve only been able to see if we sat down and had a conversation with someone in the taproom.

The Goats

The brewery is also doing a fun thing with their fans as we all wait for the expansion to start to open up this fall.  They’re hosting a contest to name their two little dwarf Nigerian goats.  From now until August 5th you can log on to their website and submit your choice for names for both of the female goats.  The winner of the contest not only gets their names forever given to the goats, but you win a free night’s stay at one of the Air BnB rentals that are being built at Fibonacci and a special meet and greet with the little goaty girls themselves.

The Party – The Bottle Release

A brewery’s birthday party is already a fun enough reason to get out and celebrate, but this years event for Fibonacci also marks their first ever bottles to hit the public’s hands.  This Saturday (7/28) starting at noon, the brewery is releasing a few variants of one of their most popular (and in my opinion, one of the best American stouts in Cincinnati) The Tollhouse.  Show up on Saturday and you’ll get a chance to snag one of these:

  • The Tollhouse – Base Beer
  • Tollhouse Caps
  • Tollhouse Soma
  • Tollhouse Mentha
  • Tollhouse Rubia

Of course, you should make a mental note that much like the brewery itself – this release is super nano in it’s very nature.  They’ve got less than 200 bottles that are going to be released, and while they’re limiting it to one per person of each variant – they’re still going to go really fast.  If you wanna get your hands on these, you’ll have to get there early… none of this strolling in as the sun is setting and snagging a bottle.

If The Tollhouse isn’t enough to keep you happy – keep your eyes peeled.  They’ve told us that they’re letting loose an additional surprise or two that you might be interested in.  I might get myself in trouble for offering up a hint to you – but let’s just say if you’re a fan of hops, you’ll be a happy drinker on Saturday afternoon.

The Food, The Music, And The Tappings

The party will have a food truck (Ono Grindz) as well as live music by Zxela and Hunting Agnes to keep you entertained while you sip away at some of their fun tappings.  Oh… the tappings?  Yeah… they’ll have some good stuff on tap:

  • Compton Cream Ale – This beer hasn’t been around for a couple of years – and this years batch has me excited.  They brewed it up with fresh strawberries from Stokes Berry Farm and VanMeter Family Farm.
  • Mulberry Grove Sour Ale – teaming up with Urban Artifact to score some sour wort, this beer returns again for the second year in a row and uses fresh Mulberries gathered from the community.
  • Double Dry Hopped Secale Red Rye Ale
  • Earth Daisy Double IPA with local Carolina Reaper Peppers
  • Thai Basil Lemon Honey Cream Ale – this uses basil from Running Creek Farm and honey from Carriage House Farm.
  • Dummy Tripel with organic cantaloupe from Old Dutch Hops Farm… yeah… cantaloupe.  Yum!

You get the point… right?  Clear your calendar!

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