I know it’s a topic that not many people enjoy talking about, and it will probably start more “Is the bubble bursting” conversations than any craft beer drinker could ever hope to endure – but if everything is as it appears to be, it seems that Madisonville’s Tap and Screw brewery looks to have shuttered their doors this week.

Let’s start with the big disclaimer – these are only rumors until we get some sort of confirmation or explanation from the brewery – who as of writing this still hasn’t replied to requests for information.

The location of Tap and Screw, with signage removed.

The Madisonville location was only open for a year and marked a shining light in what has been a very difficult couple of years for the three and a half-year old brewery.  Their original location was squeezed into a former sports bar, and never took off with the regulars who spent their time drinking there.  In a big move to revitalize the brand with craft beer drinkers in Cincinnati they planned on opening a brewpub in Oakley, the plans for which fell through after running into opposition from other businesses in the area, who were worried about a lack of parking.  In the midst of the deal falling through, Tap and Screw announced their plans to open up a taproom and production facility in Madisonville.  The location was tucked right next to the massive MedPace development, and had the potential to be a great location over time.

As of today, the location is extremely quiet and empty.  The signage is gone from their windows and from above the door.  Things aren’t looking good.

Please stay tuned as we hopefully learn more about the news as it develops.


The Tap and Screw website now states:

Tap and Screw Brewery is now closed. Thanks for your years of support.

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