We got a big hint that this was coming at the beginning of the year when while putting out the packaging schedule, MadTree teased the whole city with a mystery ‘High Series’ can.  The wait is over!  I present to you, Cincinnati: Dorado High.

I reach out about rumors and things I’ve seen and get a lot of laughs and “no way” comments from breweries around town.  This one got a big resounding “This is definitely happening” from MadTree.

About The High Series

The High Series should hopefully be familiar to you at this point.  MadTree uses this series to showcase hops within the format of a big Imperial IPA.  The same basic background offers up a blank canvas for the hops to shine brightly in each version.

While canned High Series beers are special release only, usually popping up only a few times a year – we’ve been blessed with a pair of really great ones to fill our fridges over the last few years.

  • Citra High
  • Galaxy High

Draft, though?  MadTree has fired off a few different versions that have filled a wide range of hop characteristics.

  • Azacca High
  • Blanc High
  • Denali High
  • Mosaic High
  • Motueka High

The Next Can

Instead of going with one of their tried and true draft only versions of the High Series, MadTree is going big and new for their latest.  Dorado High obviously uses a plethora of El Dorado hops to build flavors upon in the beer.  To help out with the big tropical and stone fruit flavors that El Dorado can lend, the brewery will most likely use some Azacca and Mosiac hops to fill it all out.

When it’s all said and done, you can expect Dorado High to follow the same pattern as the other High Series releases have this year.  It should come in at around 9.5% ABV – and will see a release that is about the same amount as Galaxy and Citra did this year.  It’s not going to be one of those releases that you have to line up to get, but it won’t last on shelves forever, either.


You want it in your belly.  I get it.  The bad news is that the brewery is still going through some test batching right now to make sure that they’ve nailed the recipe down before it hits the big time.

The good news?  The beer could hit the tap lines as soon as today with one of those test batches.  They’re hoping that once it’s all nailed down you’ll be able to see this beer on shelves as early as the beginning of October.

Until then?  Have a look at the label!

MadTree’s Dorado High

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