I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the majority of you that are reading this haven’t made the trip out to Mt. Orab’s Sons of Toil yet.  I get it… they’re probably far away.  When I first told you about these guys, though – I think I made a pretty good argument that you could spend an afternoon out there with your family and make it worth your while.

I have great news about their anniversary celebration… it provides a backdrop for an even better reason to head out to Mt. Orab!

To celebrate, the brewery is throwing a weekend of festivities starting on Thursday, September 20th and wrapping up on Sunday the 23rd.  They’ve got three new beers being tapped, food trucks and live music each day.  If that’s not enough, they’re also giving out some sweet swag baskets each day too… who doesn’t like brewery swag?  Take some notes… here it comes:

Thursday, 9/20

  • Beer Release – Gingerbread Brown Ale
  • Food Truck – Mind Your P’s and Q’s
  • Music – Tim Snyder (acoustic)

Friday, 9/21

  • Beer Release – Cherry Sour (The brewery’s first sour beer)
  • Food Truck – Angela’s Curbside Cuisine
  • Music – Dan and Mike Trio

Saturday, 9/22

  • Beer Release – Double Hazy
  • Food Truck – Vinny Ray’s BBQ
  • Music – Dreadful Wind and Rain (Bluegrass)

Sunday, 9/23

  • Food Truck – Angela’s Curbside Cuisine
  • Music – Honey Hush

Like I mentioned before – this taproom is a great experience.  They’ve created an amazing atmosphere with a really great outdoor space that will be perfect for this celebration.  When you head out, make sure you look at their new construction too – that’s right 1 year in and the brewery is already realizing that they need some more room on the brewing side.  They’re building out some new cold storage and brewery square footage to facilitate more brewing for all their thirsty fans.

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