It’s an event born out of the spirit of competition, collaboration and a little splash of creativity thrown in.  Fifty West and Taft’s are teaming up this coming weekend for an event that I couldn’t help resist sharing with you because it sounds so fun.  They’re calling it the Great American Beer Rush.

What Is It?

The Great American Beer Rush is a bar crawl mish-mashed with an Amazing Race-style competition.  You and three of your best drinking buddies will race through downtown Cincinnati to get a cool prize that contains a bunch of good stuff from each brewery.

The event starts at Washington Park where the first clue will be distributed.  From there?  It’s anyone’s guess where you’ll go, but the breweries are telling contestants to expect a whirlwind of physical and mental challenges across the city.

The best part of it all is that each stop includes a beer, of course!

How To Participate

You’ve gotta not only get your team of four all set up before this weekend, you need to do it quick.  The event is Saturday starting at 10 am (and runs until about 3 pm).  Tickets are $25 a person and you can buy them online.

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