I LOVE seeing new breweries open up.  I’m sure that you’ve picked up on that by now – haven’t you?  Getting to know new people, and seeing how they put their spin on something that is so important to not just me, but to people all across Cincinnati is exciting.  Watching places grow over the years… it makes me happier than I can even tell you.  That’s why this is such a great show.  We get to meet some new people!

Mason, Ohio has been desperate for a little piece of Cincinnati’s craft brewing scene for a while, and The Common Beer Company is set to join their neighbors, 16 Lots, to help continue bringing great beer to their community.

We joined the Common Beer Company crew one evening on their back patio for a couple beers and a great conversation to help us get to know not just who they are as people, but who ‘The Common’ will become as a new member of Cincinnati’s craft beer scene.  We explored their history with beer, their philosophy of what makes a good tap list, and learned a little bit about what you can expect from their taproom when they open their doors this fall.

Things are moving along quickly here… before you know it their bar will be filled with people!

Guests This Week

  • Amy Lortz – Owner, The Common Beer Company
  • Mark Lortz – Owner, The Common Beer Company
  • Kasey Keaton – Taproom Manager
  • Justin Chaney – Head Brewer
  • Todd Hudon – Friend, Owner, The Wildflower Cafe

From The Beer Fridge

  • Homebrewed Saison
  • Homebrewed Honey Ale
  • Rivertown – Night Marcher Island Pale Ale
  • Fibonacci – The Tollhouse Soma

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