It’s been a strange ride for some of our breweries around town… those that opened before the “boom” of the MadTree and Rhinegeist generation that has redefined what this city looks like.  One of the parts of this strange ride is those beers that were staples in some of our fridges, that over the years became less popular and were phased out of the rotation, and changed what seasons looked like for some of us.

One of these beers that I’m talking about is Christian Moerlein’s winter warmer called Christkindl.  This bottled beer found it’s way into my winter beer fridge rotation every single year without fail.  We loved it.  There was deep sadness for the last couple of years when it failed to make its way into packaging.  Like most of the saddest things in our life… they allow some of the happiest moments to come as well.  Thus – this post.

It’s back!

The Return

Christian Moerlein knows a thing or two about nostalgia and looking back at things that people love to redefine the future.  They decided that the time is right, and Christkindl needs to make it’s way back on to shelves to help usher in the winter season properly.

If you haven’t read my (now outdated, and ready for a refresh this year) beer notes about Christkindl, what you need to know is the basics.  The beer clocks in at a hearty 7% ABV and 32 IBUs.  It pours a deliciously deep, dark brown with a tan head, and boasts an aroma dominated by roasted malt perfect for the holiday season.  The flavor is sweet and rich, bringing chocolate notes and a balanced spicy finish perfect for chilly nights.

The Release

Moerlein has teamed up with the folks from Cincideutsch and their annual Christkindlmarket to help bring this beer back in proper fashion.  They’re planning an event as a little preview of sorts to showcase what you can expect once the season does finally kick into gear (which will happen before you know it).

This Saturday, November 3rd the Malt House taproom will feature a keg tapping of the beer alongside a preview night of vendors from Christkindlmarket.  There will also (of course) be live music, food, and crafts that will go perfectly alongside the 6 packs of Christkindl that you can purchase right from their to-go fridge to take home with you.

I may not be ready, yet for winter… but I’m definitely ready to get my hands on this beer!

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