This jacket… “system” may not be (100%) a product designed for drinking, but when you factor in the fact that the whole thing was built off of the success (and innovations behind) Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket (which had an insanely successful Kickstarter back in 2014) – I think it’s still worthy of a mention here.  It also doesn’t hurt that after wearing mine for just about two weeks as of writing this – I’ve already found it useful in my drinking Adv3ntures.

I couldn’t help but share it with you!

About The “System”

The system of Adv3nture jackets is built around a platform of inner and outer layers.  The inner layers are a hoodie and a fleece, which both zip (and attach with magnets in some spots) into the inside of the outer layers, which consist of a windbreaker and a parka.  Every piece is fantastic on its own, and when you start to couple them together, you’ve got a jacket for literally every single situation you might find yourself in.  As I write this, today, it’s a rainy 44 degrees outside – and the windbreaker with a long sleeve shirt on under it is all the jacket I need to make my way around town.

As a drinker, there are a TON of features – old (From the previous jacket’s that Zane created) and new that take these to a new level.  I encourage you to head over to the website after reading everything here and exploring these in depth (they’ve got a bunch of great videos showing the features too). But the highlights that I think you’ll like:

  • Drink holder pocket – it keeps your cold drinks cold, and your warm drinks warm while freeing up your hands.
  • The sleeves of the inner layers have holes on the cuffs for instant gloves when things (like your beer) get too chilly.
  • Built-in bottle openers in a convenient front pocket, never be without a way to open your beer again!
  • Every jacket folds up into a soft travel pillow.

Each individual piece has its own personality that makes it a perfect addition to your closet.

The Voyageurs Hoodie

This is the piece that will most likely be familiar to you if you’ve purchased any of Zane’s previous products.  It’s a nice, heavy, classic hoodie that finds itself most at home when you’re relaxed and kicking back.  Surprisingly warm, the Voyageurs Hoodie is perfect as temperatures start to drop, and those cool evenings start to catch you off guard a little bit.

The description from Adv3nture says this about the Jacket:

If you’ve ever wished you had an extra arm, you’ll understand why we invented the Voyageurs Hoodie. This feature-packed hoodie is the ultimate travel gear for any commuter, traveler, or consumer of liquids. The Voyageurs hoodie includes a built-in bottle opener, neoprene koozie pocket, sunglasses holder and more for altogether the best travel jacket ever.

The Badlands Fleece

I think the Badlands Fleece is going to become my most worn article of clothing, very quickly.  This takes the function of the Voyageurs Hoodie and “classes it up a bit” for those situations that you need to look a little more socially acceptable.  It is plenty warm for a cool fall evening, and when coupled with one of the outer layers, even the Windbreaker, is also for a winter coat.  They even went as far on this one as to add reinforced padding on the shoulders and the elbows, in case you are hauling a backpack and don’t want the extra wear on the fabric.  Brilliant.

Adv3nture’s description hits it right on the head:

The Badlands Fleece looks cool and keeps you warm. Ready for anything with strategic reinforcements, this full-zip fleece is designed to be worn all day long in total comfort – chafe-resistant interior seams, extra padding at the shoulders and elbows, and an adjustable waist.

The Windcave Windbreaker

The first of Adv3nture’s two outer layers is their windbreaker.  This jacket is easily my favorite of the three that I’ve purchased so far.  The windbreaker is light enough that you can wear it all year round, without burning up.  When you pair it up with the fleece or hoodie, it becomes a perfect winter coat, though.

The jacket is waterproof, of course, and protects you from the elements to an even better degree than both the fleece and hoodie can (though even they do a great job of it.)

The “official” description is as follows:

The Wind Cave windbreaker stands against the elements with thorough waterproofing and carefully chosen features designed to keep you – and your stuff – safe and dry. In this jacket, you can dance in the rain with your gadgets and passport right on your person and they’ll be no worse for the wear. You might get a little rain in your beer, though. 

The Glacier Parka

This is for those of you who either

  • Go places that are REALLY cold
  • Find themselves shivering as the first hint of winter

Alone I’m sure this is a great winter coat, but coupled up with a base layer?  I can only imagine you’d need this level of warmth if you travel to the coldest areas that you can think of.

I suppose that they named the jacket after Glacier National Park for a very good reason.  It’s hefty.  Warm.  Their description?

The Glacier Parka is our hardiest jacket for harsher conditions and colder climates. The waterproof fabric keeps you dry but is breathable to ensure your body can regulate its temperature, and the waist, hem, hood, and cuffs can all be adjusted for the perfect fit (and to keep out rain and snow). Zips over our Voyageurs Hoodie and Badlands Fleece for a warmer and more versatile travel jacket.

Overall Impressions

I’m sold.  I’ve been sold.  I supported the Kickstarter for Zane’s first Jacket, called the Drinking Jacket, and still have both of mine from that campaign.  These are some of the best thought out, and nicest jackets that I’ve ever seen.  These take everything that was fantastic about those and kicks it up another notch or 7 to turn it into something incredible.

The fit is perfect (pay attention to the sizing recommendations on the website) and they are made with obvious high attention to the little details that make all the difference in the world.  The drinking jacket still felt like a hoodie, albeit a nice hoodie.  This new ‘system’ provides more versatility in looks and practical uses.  They’re just nicer than the old jackets were.

You can find all the jackets over at – and if you’re not sold on the product alone (I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be… but whatever) you might push yourself over the line knowing that for every single purchase you make of a product, the company works to plant 3 trees. It’s a big idea, a brilliant idea, and showcases just what makes it all a little more special than just another jacket.  I’m going to have to dig into all of this in depth in the future… but for now, take my word on the jackets… worth every penny.

Let me know what you think!

— The Gnarly Gnome, Ready for Adv3ntures in Drinking

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