The latest Hazy IPA to hit cans at the Fifty West production facility is set to do so as the second installment of their “A Long Strange Journey” series.  The beer is called ‘Lemon’ – and if you managed to snag a pint of this sucker when it was on tap around town, you’ll know why it’s a great addition to their can releases.

Before we dig into the release itself, let’s talk about the beer.

About ‘Lemon’

This beer made it’s debut around town as a collaboration with Brewfontaine, and it’s wonderful blend of lactose, Madagascar vanilla beans, lemon puree, lemon zest and Lemondrop hops was such a hit that the brewery couldn’t let it just be a quick one-off.

The Lemondrop hops that they used in the beer were the real inspiration behind it all, creating a creamy, citrusy flavor that immediately remind you of a sticky lemon frostie.  The other ingredients were built off of that idea.

The Release

You’ll want to schedule yourself some time to hit up the Fifty West production facility on Saturday, November 24th to get yourself a four pack (or two) of these.  Not only will the release start at noon, but the Roadside grille will open up at 11 to make sure that if you’re standing in line you’ve got some grub in you.

The brewery will have a special draft list that day, including Lemon and 3 variants of this tasty, Hazy IPA.  They haven’t released exactly what these variants are going to be, but I anticipate some fruity additions to the base recipe.

The four packs will go for $14.99 and while they haven’t announced limits yet they are planning on multiple four packs to be available per person.

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