On Thanksgiving Eve Arnold’s has teamed up with Maker’s Mark and The Tillers to offer the literally coolest giveaway Arnold’s has ever done. Having The Tillers booked on Thanksgiving Eve is honestly cool enough on it own but we also have specials on Maker’s Mark cocktails and bourbon infused dinner specials all night. The most exciting part is we partnered up with The Neltner Small Batch, Otto Printing and Mus-i-col Record Pressing to offer a hand made, one off, limited edition 7” vinyl Record. The album is two brand new, previously unrecorded songs from The Tillers.  Add to that the record sleeve will actually be dipped in the same Maker’s Mark wax that their bottles are and you have one of the coolest collectibles you can get your hands on. As far as we know it’s the only time anything like it has ever been done! The awesome part? It’s free! We are giving them all away. We have 150 total pressed on black vinyl to hand out and they will be first come first serve..Drink and Menu Specials run all day, The Tillers take the stage at 9. The Records will be available at 8pm.

Thanksgiving Eve with the Tillers is presented by Maker’s Mark.

*There is also an extremely limited number of copies pressed on Red Vinyl (25 Total) that will be available at select local record stores on Black friday. 

** Breakdown for the record geeks: There were 300 records pressed total. 175 on black vinyl and 125 on Red Vinyl. 25 of the Red vinyl went to record stores and the other 100 went to the artists involved and various people involved with the pressing of the records. If you are looking for the red copies, happy hunting!

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