My post title might make you think that this is not a product for you.  I mean… you’re not just on Drinking With The Gnome, you’re here before the website is even really “officially” launched.  You’re a drinker.  You can probably mix up a cocktail pretty damn well, right?  So why would you need these training wheels for doing it?

Come on, have some faith in me.  I wouldn’t share this product if all it was good for was helping you mix a drink without knowing a recipe.  There’s a whole other side to these ‘Batch Bottles’ that is the real brilliance.  Parties.  I know you’ve been there – you’re having a bunch of people over, you’re behind the bar mixing up drinks, and everyone is having a blast… except you’re missing out on every conversation because you’re tied to that bar.

These bottles give you an easy, quick and efficient way to mix a batch of your favorite cocktails ahead of time, stash it in the fridge and serve it when your guests arrive.  Perfect!

How It Works

Batch Bottles couldn’t be simpler.  They’ve got lines on the side that you fill one at a time with the ingredients (if you can use a measuring cup, you can handle this) – you shake it up… and you serve.

Each bottle is 750ml, so you should get 6-8 servings out of it (4 if you have me over…) and you can stash a couple of them in the fridge ready to keep the party going for a while.

They’re also not cheap plastic pieces of junk.  Each bottle is made out of 750g of 100% Borosilicate glass, so they’ll last.

The Recipes

I was surprised at how many different recipes are available right of the get-go.  If you have a favorite cocktail, chances are they’ve planned ahead and prepped a bottle for you:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Old Fashioned
  • Martini
  • Margarita
  • Manhattan
  • Mojito
  • Negroni
  • Sidecar
  • Sazerac
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Mint Julep
  • Daiquiri
  • Moscow Mule
  • Tom Collins
  • Mai Tai
  • Lemon Drop
  • Appletini
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Cuba Libre
  • Harvey Wallbanger

Head over to their website and check these out.  Let me know what you think too!

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