There are a lot of beer releases in Cincinnati.  It’s the great part of having as many breweries that we do – you get a lot of beer to go along with that.  It also means that when there are releases or events that are “different”, they stand out that much more than they would have otherwise – and Braxton’s Dark Charge day is a perfect example of it.

Dark Charge is an incredible Imperial Stout – there is no denying that.  The variants that the brewing team come up with each year are always fun and delicious, too.  That’s not what makes the event so special, though.  From the line before the release to the special touches like “From the barrel” – it’s an event that is built to celebrate not just the brewery, not just the beer, but a bigger idea.  It’s worth dedicating this week’s show to trying to give you a glimpse of it all.

I spent the day down at Braxton talking to a few different people about what makes this day all come together, and what makes it special.  The next day I came back home and locked myself in my office to put it all together into an episode that at least scratches the surface a little bit about why Dark Charge Day is so fantastic!

Guests This Week

  • Christopher Walker – The ‘Have A Drink’ Podcast
  • Adam Rauckhorst – Director Of Education, Braxton
  • Evan Rouse – Co-Founder and CPO, Braxton

From The Beer Fridge

  • West Side Brewing – Porter

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