Consider this both a Christmas and a “year-end wrap up” show… if you want to, I suppose. On the heels of a fantastic article that wrapped up all the beer news of the year from David McKinney, I invited him and Andy Foltz over to chat about all that’s happened in 2018.

This was a really fun show for me in that it also takes place in the Gnome Studios… the worldwide headquarters, if you will, for all things Gnome podcasting… though the ‘studio’ itself still has a ways to go – it’s still fun.

We drank a few beers (and a cider) and talked about everything from brewery openings, a brewery closing, new packaging… and a whole bunch of new beers. Every year things get more and more exciting in Cincinnati, and 2018 was definitely not any different!

Guests This Episode

  • Andy Foltz
  • David McKinney

From The Beer Fridge

  • Wooden Cask – Wine Barrel Aged Cider
  • Sonder – Kenosha Kicker
  • Grainworks – Bagpipes of Bardstown
  • Grainworks – Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Motor Oil

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