Take a breath, as we dive this week down the deep rabbit hole of where it all started, and how beer got to where it is in Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to be invited to Boone County’s Library to give a talk about beer. If you’ve never tried to compress 220 years of brewing history into an hour – I encourage you to try it sometime! I wanted to record and share the information here with you because there is great power in seeing where this city has come from and understanding how it has grown and turned into what it has become with its beer community.

Upon returning home, I made sure to put together a ‘From The Beer Fridge’ segment for you, because we all know that there isn’t any way for a Brewcast to operate properly without it!

So – please, sit back and enjoy this week’s episode as we get a little bit of education and dive deep back in time.

From The Beer Fridge

  • Fretboard – Mellowship
  • Taft’s – Juicy Jubilee

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