While this might not really be about one of our local breweries – it is most definitely about local beer. You probably know Anthony “Tank” Mansfield from either his time spent in a couple local taprooms or from the artwork that he’s done in a couple of them around town. (That sweet mural at Fibonacci? That’s his…)

I’ve been really excited over the last year or so to see him start spreading his talent into some fun products that we beer drinkers can start collecting too – and I wanted to make sure that you’re aware of the latest one that is getting released on February Second.

Why Glassware?

I’m a glassware GEEK. Hardcore. I’ve been collecting glassware for years, and the same can be said of Tank. He had been gathering fun glasses for years before making the (what I think is obvious) decision to create his own. He founded his company, Kneel To No One in 2016 to do just that, with the simple guiding principle to “make high-quality glassware with badass graphics on them”… and so far he’s nailing it.

The Samurai Snifter

The latest glass and the first one of 2019 is a sweet 16oz snifter that features a samurai head on the front of the glass, with matching katanas on each side and KNEEL TO NO ONE written on the back. Tank says that the glass was created with stouts in mind, so the graphics are white to create a striking contrast to the dark beer inside. With that in mind… I have a sneaking suspicion that it will work pretty damn well with whatever you pour in it.

Tank has this to say about the design on this glass:

“When I began to work on this glass, I knew I wanted to create a large vessel for all of the high ABV bourbon barrel stouts that people like to drink at home during the winter. I thought a samurai would be the perfect visual for these big, powerful beers, as their armor combines a unique mix of strength and style.”

These glasses are extremely limited, with only 144 of them being created, and no plans for a reprint to ever happen. You can currently snag one online at the Kneel To No One website, or make your way out on Saturday, February 2nd at 2×4 day at White Oak Marathon.

Stay tuned too… I know there will be some other really cool stuff to come from KNTO in 2019!!!

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