Food and beer go together. We know that now, right? I’m not just talking about fun ways you can pair food and beer together at home or at your favorite restaurant, either. I’m talking about those evenings or weekends that you hit up your favorite taproom to just grab some beers. You want, you need something to eat alongside that great beer, ya know?

This has been a struggle for taprooms ever since… well, ever. A lot of places will tell you that they don’t want the headache of trying to operate a brewpub, and a lot of people will tell you that relying on food trucks has its own issues that come along with it. Luckily, today’s current brewery market is bursting with ideas for food to be incorporated into the plan without going the traditional route. Three Points Urban Brewery in Pendleton is tapping into one of the best ideas – partnering up with another business to serve their hungry taproom guests.

About CHX

It isn’t too far fetched of an idea, here. CHX is not only also operated by the group from Three Points, but the restaurant is also literally attached the back side of the brewery.

The primary menu item at CHX is what they’re calling the “Banty” – it’s a spin on chicken tenders – pickle brined, breaded, fried… sounds like the perfect companion to a couple beers to me! They’ll also serve up salads and whatnot using the chicken…but those little sandwiches are where it’s at. Two finishes (crispy or hot) – nothing too overly complicated.

It all kicks off starting this Friday, February 8th! Mark those calendars… and for once, go to the brewery hungry!

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