This has been a LONG time coming for me, with the idea to do this show literally taking years to become a reality. I do recognize, though, that you might not be as familiar with what it’s all about as I am. Drinking With The Gnome is very similar to what I’ve been doing with The Gnarly Gnome – except that while so far it’s just been about Cincinnati’s vibrant craft beer scene, this project takes a bigger look… a step back at the overall drinking culture of Cincinnati.

We’re talking about Cincinnati and it’s spirits, it’s wine, and of course a little bit of it’s beer sprinkled in there. What makes this city’s drinking culture tick? There’s a bit of educational aspects thrown in if you want to learn more about specific things, and some drink news and event coverage as well… but this is about something much bigger.

What does it mean to be a drinker in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Stay tuned… the show launches on St Patrick’s Day… and it’s going to be a fun ride!

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