It’s Paddy’s Day in Cincinnati – and I made the rounds. I ventured out to some of the hottest spots in Cincy to figure out what makes St Patricks day more than you might think it is on the surface. Sure… there is a lot of Guinness and Green beer that get’s poured – but what makes it special? I only scratched the surface in this one.

The show is a little shorter than I anticipated… but I suppose that you can understand with it being the first episode that I’ll figure a few things out as I go along. I’m already working on some stuff for the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to dive into this city’s drinking culture a little deeper!

Huge thanks to Nicholson’s and to Dingle House for giving me a few minutes of an insanely busy day!

Guests This Episode

  • Ryan Shappelle – Nicholson’s/Horse And Barrel
  • Scott Inlow – Dingle House

Locations Visited

  • Nicholson’s – Downtown
  • The Dingle House – West Chester

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