Brewery – North High
Beer – Cover Crop
Style – Golden Ale
ABV – 4.5%

Cover Crop is a light-bodied, easy drinking golden ale that is crisp, refreshing and perfect for relaxing after a day of hard work in the office, factory or farm. The name Cover Crop honors the revival of a farming practice that sustains the land and its surrounding environment.

North Hight teamed up with the Ohio Farm Bureau for this collaboration to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the OFB. As you can read in the description, the entire idea behind the beer was to create something that was light and easy drinking – an “after work” beer I suppose.

To keep the beer right in line with the Ohio Farm Bureau, and who they are (this is a collaboration, after all) the brewery decided to use all Ohio ingredients. The decision was an easy one… using ingredients that are as local as possible is always front and center for North High, who are also members of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Malt was sourced from Rustic Brew Farm in Marysville, Ohio where owner Matt Cunningham’s family have been farming traditional row crops for almost 100 years, while being OFB members most of that time.

Hops came via Zachrich Hop Yard, who’s owners Mallory and Nick Zachrich are members of the Champaign County Farm Bureau.

The hope behind this beer isn’t just that craft beer fans can find a new tasty brew to enjoy after a long day – but to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the OFB and hopefully tie those craft beer fans a little deeper into an understanding and appreciation of where the things they enjoy come from.

The beer will be available all through 2019, and it made it’s debut in December of 2018. You can find it on shelves near you – just look for the tan and red cans that feature the great tractor artwork done by Columbus artist Nicholas Nocera.

My Thoughts On North High Cover Crop

The beer pours a nice, slightly hazy yellow orangish color in my glass with a thick foamy head on top.

Aromas immediately start drifting around the glass. I get a distinct sharp grainy bready note and light fruitiness to compliment it.

The taste brings a bit more of the fruit with a light, definitely easy-drinking body to the party. This beer certainly nails the idea of creating a nice “after-work” beer. The light, dry finish with a touch of bitterness makes me want ot keep going back for sip after sip until there’s nothing left.

This is a nice, well crafted beer that is a fitting tribute to the Ohio Farm Bureau, for sure!

Disclosure – this beer was a gift from the fine folks at the Ohio Farm Bureau, and while that doesn’t effect what I say about the beer… it should be noted.

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